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6 Ways child can contribute for reducing Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Ø The earth is cover by air called atmosphere. It helps to protect the earth from the sun heat.

Ø Air pollution means dirty and unclean air. It contains dust, fumes, smoke and gases.

Causes of Air pollution

•Both human and natural actions

•Natural action


Forest fire

•Human action

Industries chemicals

Burning coal, waste, plastic

Vehicle emission

Problems due to Air Pollution

When we breathe polluted air, harmful substances get into our body.

Do you know which body system air pollution harm the most?

Why do you think the air during Diwali and other festivals, celebrations get very heavily polluted?

Infection, eye burning, asthma, lung cancer causes to us from air pollution.

Air pollution effects kids more than adults because they spend more time outside

Air pollution also causes Global Warming

Global Warming

Climate change is because of global warning. Air pollution is one of the reason of global warming.

In New Delhi schools were closed because of air pollution, after 2016 diwali.

The temperature warms over the last 100 years.

The ice is melting and the sea level is rising.

The cites near the water will be destroyed.

6 Ways Can We Do

•Use solar, wind energy

•Recycle, reduce, and reuse

•Use Carpool

Avoid waste burning

•Don’t waste paper, food, light.

•Plant a tree because trees are best friends of environment.

Carbon dioxide eat heat and warm our earth but trees eat carbon dioxide.
Air Purifier Plants

Absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, as all plants do, but some plants purify air.

Some air purifying plants are •Spider plant •Snake plant •Peace lily • Bamboo

We should plant these Trees and protect them for clean air in our homes

Plant and Protect Trees for Clean Air

This article is based on Prayanshi's (Age 11) TED-Ed talk as part of HRDEF GyanTree TED-Ed Club presentation in Feb., 2017

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This is a lovely piece. It is very good to start educating the child in this manner. And if they catch it the future is s

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