Change Makers 2020


COVID-19: Prayanshi Garg, Aged 12+ years developed COVID-19 Educational Campaign App for creating awareness on Covid-19 issues

About App: In the present time during COVID-19 lockdown everything is standstill. Thus, to create awareness and our responsibility, we developed educational campaign for knowing more about Corona virus. Users will enjoy quiz interaction and knowledge building on COVID-19, suitable for 10+ years above for fun learning.  Selected for MIT APP INVENTOR CORONAVIRUS APP CHALLENGE June 2020

We wish you all well in this difficult time of COVID-19 and stay safe at home with your family. Please download the App, we welcome your feedback, request for sharing it with others to be safe and fit and support us.

Steps to install the App: Click on the link   > Download, unzip/open file on your Android Phone > Install > Blocked by Play Protect - Install Anyway > Open the App                |some mobile need to  enable > Unknown source > now install and open your app

Winners of Sustainable Smart Earth Harita Month 2020 Events to Celebrate

50th UN International Earth Day

     Aishwarya Karthik                              Tavleen Kaur                                      Soha Barot                                      Shri Haridhra

         Eco-Warrior                                  COVID Warrior                                COVID Warrior                                 Climate Action

     Anshveer Singh                                  Romana Yusuf                                     Harnoor Kaur                                L. Sujitha Lakshmi

      Climate Action                                 COVID Warrior                                  COVID Warrior                               Climate Action 

Sustainable Energy

        Mariya Mrazi                                     Vaishnavi Dimri                                  Advait Patil                                     Gaurav S. Rawat

      Climate Action                                     COVID Warrior                                  Eco-Warrior                                       Eco-Warrior 

Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Energy

        Aditi Uniyal                                   Md. Shaakir Shalul                              Kartikeya Jain      

       Eco-Warrior                                          Eco-Warrior                                 Climate Action        

Change Makers 2019


Biodiversity Action - Importance of Protecting Species in our Life 

Tarangini Mohan, Wynberg Allen, Mussoorie

Ankush Kumar, K.V. No. 1, Roorkee

Anjali 1st, C.N.I. Girls, Dehradun

Deoshree Nag, DAV Lalpania, Bokaro

Rajni kant, Delhi Public School, Hazaribagh

Eisha, C.N.I. Girls, Dehradun

Shivani 1st, Mangla Devi I.C., Dehradun

Climate Action - Role of Education for Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change

Vedika Rai, The Shri Ram School, Aravali, Gurugram

Twinkle Nainani, Ratlam Public School, Ratlam

Aditya Mukarji, The Shri Ram School, Aravali, Gurugram

Reet Kandhari, Unison World School, Dehradun

Sahil, G.U.P.S. Kuawala


Shambhavi Agarwal, Wynberg Allen, Mussoorie

Varsha, M.K.P. I.C., Dehradun

Shivani Sharma, Dehra Public School

Sanskriti Tripathy, ​The Shri Ram School, Aravali, Gurugram

Komal Rani, K.V. No. 1, Roorkee

Rani Dhmanda,  G.I.C., Devaldhar

​Ankit Kumar, C.N.I. Boys, Dehradun

Kanak, G.U.P.S., Badeda

Shahjad Ali, G.G.U.P.S., Bhaniawala

 Reeya Thapa, C.N.I. Girls, Dehradun

Vedika, G.J.H.S. Lachhiwala

Sahnoor, G.P.S. Banjarawala

Gaura Patwal, Mangla Devi I.C., Dehradun

Anushka, SD Vidya School, Ambala

Rohit Kumar, GOAL, HRDEF


Safat Parveen, GOAL, HRDEF

Rupa Kumari, GOAL, HRDEF

Change Makers 2016


Biodiversity Action - Effect of Climate Change on Biodiversity

Radha Sahu, Govt. Girls Inter College

Climate Action - Water Management, Waste Management

Vinita, Gyansthali Public School

Vedant Gupta, G.D. Birla Memorial School, Ranikhet

Pankhuri Agarwal, Mussoorie International School


Priya Kashyap, Laxman Bhartiya Inter College

Himani Maurya, Laxman Bhartiya Inter College

Sadab Ansari, Mangla Devi Inter College

Amresh Kumar, Tara Academy

Sandhya, DAV Inter  College

Sahiba Banu, Mangla Devi Inter College

Riya Verma, Kanya Gurukul Mahavidhalya

Pankaj Badoni, DAV Inter College

Shivani, GOAL, HRDEF

Change Makers 2015


Smart Green City Campaign

Abritti Banerjee, Wynberg-Allen

Suhani Kamboj, Gyansthali Public

Komal Thapa, Govt. Girls. Inter College                                      Palak, Mussoorie International       

Climate Action - Climate Change

Khushi Rastogi, Gyansthali Public

Tenzin, Mussoorie International

Naveen, Pine Hall

Nandini Saha, Moravian Institute


Medha Bharti, Govt. Girls. Inter College

Shikha, Govt. Girls. Inter College

Payal Singh, Laxman Bhartiya I.C.

Radha, Govt. Girls. Inter College

Praduman Kumar, Laxman Bhartiya I.C.

Kusum  Rana, Govt. Girls. Inter College

Neha  Rawat, Govt. Girls. Inter College



Change Makers 2018     


Ankit Kashyap, Laxman Bhartiya I. C.

Bhawana Thapa, C.N.I. Girls College

Manisha Kumari, D.B.S. (PG) College, Dehradun

Neetu Kumari, D.A.V. (PG) College, Dehradun

Monika Kumari, G.K.V., Dehradun

Gyanwati Kumari, D.B.S. (PG) College, Dehradun

Sita Kumari, D.B.S. (PG) College, Dehradun

Neeraj Kumar, C.N.I. Boys College

Abhishek Kumar, GOAL, HRDEF

Reena Devi, GOAL, HRDEF

Kajal Kumari, GOAL, HRDEF

Nukul Sharma, S.G.R.R., Dehradun

Aryan Kumar, Laxman Bhartiya I. C.

Jyoti, D.A.V. (PG) College, Dehradun

Tushar Rao, GOAL, HRDEF

Sweety Kumari, GOAL, HRDEF

Preeti Kumari, GOAL, HRDEF

Saloni Arya, GOAL, HRDEF

Change Makers 2017


Biodiversity Action - Importance of Local Medicinal Plants in our Daily Life

Gaurav Singh, Modern Academy, Lucknow

Ayushi Sahu, Modern Academy, Lucknow

Climate Action - Role of Science & Technology for Environmental and Climate Literacy

Ritu Bhatta, Modern Academy, Lucknow

Karishma, G.I.C., Nalapani

Vanshika Verma, Modern Academy, Lucknow


Rajmohinder Kaur, S.I.S.M.P.S., Karamsar R.S.

Ravi Kant, C.N.I. Boys College, Dehradun

Amit Bhardwaj, Gandhi Inter College, Dehradun

Neetu Verma, GGIC, Rajpur Road, Dehradun

Priyanka Saraswat, Rajiv G. N. Vidhayalay, Dehradun

Suhani, GGIC, Rajpur Road, Dehradun

Kuldeep, Rajiv G. N. Vidhayalay, Dehradun

Mohit Dobhal, Gandhi Inter College, Dehradun

Nikita, G.I.C., Dobalwala

Virendra S. Chauhan, G.I.C., Nalapani

Ankit, G.I.C., Dobalwala

Sanjay, G.I.C., Nalapani

Sagar Nayar, C.N.I. Boys College

Sumeet Kumar, Mangla Inter. College

Shubham, C.N.I. Boys College

Tamana Naz, DAV Inter. College

Sahil Pawar, Laxman Bhartiya I. C.

Ariba Rao, DAV Inter. College

Vishakha Maurya, Laxman Bhartiya I. C.

Mahesh, Mangla Inter. College

Puja Kashyap, GOAL, HRDEF

Change Makers 2014   - Making Our City Green to Save Earth


Karan Kumar, Aayudh Nirman Inter College

Saharukh, Bangla School

Dimple, New Vinod Modern School

Toseem, Mangla Devi Inter College

Udey Diwedi, Aayudh Nirman Inter College

Dharshikha Kumari, Bangla School

Iram Naaz, Mangla Devi Inter College

Shivani Bhukundi, Aayudh Nirman Inter College

Dev Prakash Thapliyal, DAV Inter College

Sachin Tomar, DAV Inter College