Team, Collaboration, Training, and Facilities

Our team of experts includes Engineers, Scientists, Educators, Architect, Designers, and Doctors, who have varied experience in school, universities, industries, technology and sustainability.  Our programs have been designed after thoughtful analysis of present scenario globally that needs innovation in Education, and Technology for Sustainability of the Mother Earth. These programs cater to necessities of systems making learning fun, based on real-life concerns through linking industries, academics, and community. We are continuously evolving training's, products centred on interaction with teachers, professionals, students and community members. Our team using system thinking address issues at different levels for capacity building in several domains.

Trained 350 Principals and Teachers

Served 380 Women Community 


3770 Youth and Students

Distributed 850 Medicinal Plants

We are thankful to organisations supported and collaborated with HaritaDhara Research Development and Education Foundation (HRDEF) for joint programs. We are grateful to their expertise, continued partnership, and involvement towards  promotion of education, environment, climate change, smart city, ICT, waste management and Sustainable Development. 

Our team members are recognised in the areas of natural resources management – water, soil, energy, forestry, ICT, education, emission and noise analysis, developmental planning, implementation at national and international platforms. We endeavour to develop intelligent, smart solutions that inculcate a sense of well-being at individual, ecological, and societal levels for the HaritaDhara (Smart Green Sustainable Earth). We actively involved in new professional developments and providing training in emerging areas and skill enhancement.

We provide facilities GyanTree for Reading, Learning, computing for TED-Ed Club, NBT's Readers Club for 21st Century Skills Development such as critical thinking, problem, project based learning based on current neuroscience and learning paradigm - growth mindset. 


An open space cum lab. NavUrja Sanchar that’s facilitates hands-on learning, live demonstration sessions, game oriented learning, space for self-expression, communicating new ideas, and interactive knowledge sharing with fellow learners to develop scholarly and balanced capacities.