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 Program Future Ready Education: Design Career                                                             (Fun with STEAM) 


Participants explore, tinker, and invent using videos, board games, card games for experiential, hands-on learning. After various sessions, students showed better understanding of topics. All activities are based on school curriculum that improve knowledge, engage, and encouraged students to raise thinking skills. That further develop growth mindset, leadership, decision making, and be a change maker. They become drivers of change, social innovators, and solution provider. 

Games are effective tool for students, youth, and everyone for building knowledge of complex concepts. Research shows how games and hands on learning are effective tools for integrating, understanding of STEAM, learning of sustainability and their importance in our life. Further, participants gain understanding to explore and design their career through real-life scenarios and project based learning. 

Technovation Girls for 2021:  To solve problems in their community

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Prepare Your Child for the 21st Century Skills through STEAM Maker Fest with hands-on, Game based Learning


Short-Term Programs with different duration - Summer, Winter from 2015 onward for Children (Aged 8+) to Learn, Transform in a Fun way


By Educators, Engineers, Researchers with international experience - 20 yrs+ worked as HOD, Dean, Scientist having qualifications such as PhD, MS, MBA, BE from institutions FRI, BITS, MNNIT, UNESCO-IHE


       International Tie-ups, Awards, and Certification from Govt. of India


      Time:  09:00 AM to 06:00 PM (2 Hrs. per day for five days a Week)



Improve child communication skill,

Critical thinking, imagination, creative writing, Storytelling

Enhance classroom performance & presentation skill

Develop growth mindset 

Encourage Out-of-the-Box thinking

Hands-on activities, games, and Curriculum based


Limited batch size for Interactivity & Learning

Partner with Designathon Works, The Netherlands for Global Children Designathon (GCD 2019) held in the Dehradun at the HRDEF’s campus. Students learned about design and do-it-yourself methodology. The event main focus was on zero hunger, climate action, food wastage, land use (SDG 2, 3, 12, 13, 15). Students developed various prototypes with creativity, innovation from support of facilitators, mentors. They presented their work with joy and insight using design, technology in a Maker way. The power of the Designathon method lies in the combination of scientific knowledge, creative thinking, world problems, making and reflecting.

Creative Writing Study

Conducted creative writing experimental study with students to acquaint them with new tools of expressing themselves. Students from different schools of Dehradun participated such as St. Joseph Academy, Brightlands, Doon International. This study was done in collaboration with faculty and researcher in University of Madeira, Portugal in Mar.,2015. - Publication in INTERACT 2015 Workshop



Design Career using 21st Century Skills, STEAM

“Create, play, learn, and present to satisfy curiosity for incremental innovations to solve current problems together and just with All.”

Anant Bhaskar Garg, Director

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Why Student and Youth needs New Age Skills

  • UNICEF Study: 50 % of Indian Students don't have 21st Century Skills required for Jobs by 2030 published in 2019

  • 21st century skills such as critical thinking, inquiry based learning, collaboration, communication, SDGs, sustainability, and hands-on learning are missing in school educational institutions.

  • School education system require maker spaces, DIY (Do it Yourself), smartphone, tablets, relevant software, and computers for successfully implementing STEAM education. 

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