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General Survey on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Climate Action, for everyone  interested

Taking into consideration the unprecedented challenges caused by COVID-19, all stakeholders organizing their events, activities, learning, and celebrations virtually. The COVID-19 global health emergency has turned our world upside down. Limiting the spread of this highly infectious virus demands drastic changes to the way we work and interact with one another. As COVID-19 tests us on all fronts and reminds us once again that we are all part of a global community, focusing more on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Sustainable Future.

Earth Day

51st UN Earth Day: Restore our Earth- Make a difference through action

Earth Day

Join Us for the noble cause and Create Sustainable Future and Living

Participate to spectacle your creativity and innovation in Painting, Essay, and Quiz Competition to celebrate, raise awareness for Climate Action, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and restoring our environment on the occasion of United Nations International Mother Earth Day on 22nd April, 2021,

Guidelines: Describe situation, your ways, express with ideas, slogan, and write-up. Your expressions can be either in Hindi or English Language for one of the above topics.  Your exhibit adds towards a step for clean, green, healthy, and sustainable mother earth.

Topics:       1. Restore our Earth through your ways                             2. Your Actions for Sustainable Living


Painting Competition                          (Classes I-VIII)                             [Size: 6” x 8”, file: .jpeg]

1. Title                                                                    2. Name your file as – StudentName_School.jpeg

3. Maximum file size is 2MB                                4. Submit on or before 08 May, 2021 to 

Essay Competition                             (Classes IX – XII)                          [Word Limit: 1000 words]

1. Title                                                                   2. Single MS-Word file, text size – 12, Title – 17

3. File name – StudentName_School.doc             4. Submit on or before 08 May, 2021 to

Quiz Competition                               (Classes VI – XII)                          and College

Click on as per your class specified link to complete quiz  

Classes VI to VIII         


Classes IX to XII 

College Youth++   

Become Corona, Eco Warrior; Build your Social Resume TM for the 21st Century

Submit to or Whatsapp to 7409210222 on or before 08th May, 2021 


Attractive Prizes: Best three entries in each competition will get prize (scholarship on courses), e-Certificate, and membership

Results Declaration: 05th June, 2021 on World Environment Day


Educating for Action SDGs to Reconnect Nature

Awareness and capacity building through education for promoting Action for SDGs. Through this, Reconnect with Nature will be emphasized for People, Planet, and Sustainable Living,


When: Sep 18, 08:00 to Sep 26, 19:00

We invite entries for blog, and online sessions on the above, and images showing your good deed for the Nature to be Change Maker.

Technovation Girls for 2021


Girls for a Change.

To solve problems in their community

For more details, click on above link, and sign up Today 

Fellowships and Opportunities

NavTech Guru Fellowship for youth having completed XII standard/graduation to experience and contribute towards transformation of education and sustainable development


Enjoying fruit of last 4 months care, action, and time for Nature

                                        Time for Nature Reconnect

Today, we are celebrating World Environment Day (WED) and on 8th June, we will celebrate International Ocean Day. Thus, share your journey of Reconnect with Nature, Biodiversity on Land and Water.


Everyone can Join campaign to Recharge and be a Change Maker


                                                Reconnect Nature | Revive Ourselves

Send / Post:

1. Selfie with Nature or photograph of your Action with one appropriate line.

2. Write your view on How Education and Technology can provide ‘Time for Nature’

Guidelines:  Photo upto 3 MB in jpeg/png  | Write-up 80-100 Words

Submit your action, experiences on or before midnight 8th June to |

Selected Nature actions will be shared on our social media, web page and a chance for our space’s membership.

Results of 50th UN Earth Day (HRDEF’s Sustainable Earth Harita Month Events 2020)


We would like to thank you all Principals, Teachers, Parents, and students for their support and participation in the 50th UN Earth Day HRDEF’s Sustainable Earth Harita Month Events. Topics for competitions in this International event (Painting, Essay, Quiz, Film) are:  

  • 1. Climate Action for Sustainable Future and Living (CA)

  • 2. COVID-19, Health, Well-being, and Life during Lockdown (C19)


Besides this, during our pledge drive for Earth Harita month around 246 students, teachers, and community members took Oath for green acts.


Congratulations to all Winners! Every painting, essay, quiz, and film participant deserve a round of applause and commendation for their efforts during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and we request you All to join us for Clean, Green, Smart Sustainable Earth,

Further, we request you all to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, like us on FB page and become Forum member to build your Social ResumeTM for showcasing, learning, and discussing your green good deeds. We will  upload e-Certificate of the winners by 8th June, please send your passport size colour photo,


Be Future Ready through STEAM Fusion

Students (Aged 6 – 17) get opportunities to explore hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)


                 Workshop Attraction                                                                                        Personality Development

  • Hands-on activity based on curriculum, Fun with Design                                      Improve child communication skill

  • Coding and Communication                                                                                  Critical thinking, imagination

  • Sound and Light energy                                                                                        Creative writing, Storytelling

  • Hands on Mathematics                                                                                          Enhance classroom performance  

  • Chemistry mystery                                                                                                Growth Mindset

  • Fun with Magnetism                                                                                              Presentation skill

  • Arduino and Problem Solving

  • Enjoy Making and Take away Models                                           Timing:        10:00 – 1:00     |     04:00 - 07:00

  • Biological Science Nature Treasure

  • Small batch for Interactivity & Learning                                    Choose Morning or Evening batch


Schedule: 6 Days’ workshop start every Monday from 27th May to 8th July | Support Fee: Rs. 1500


Admission: 10:00 - 1:00 | 04:00 - 06:30         |   Register your interest and contact us for details

Visit details about Mentors and Collaboration

Excited for 2 - 4 Hrs Interactive Session, Fun with STEAM, Acton SDGs, and 1 - 3 Days Workshop, Get-in-Touch

Short Term Training Program

Register your interest and sign up for details