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Company Profile

HaritaDhara Research Development and Education Foundation (HRDEF) established in the year 2014 as non-profit social enterprise under the Companies Act 2013 as section 8 company, CIN – U74999UR2014NPL001313. HRDEF committed to establish processes aimed at educating for sustainable development, management of environment, water, energy, waste, climate change, and transport issues through involving children, youth, and elders using ICT. HRDEF inculcate and motivates students for science, technology, engineering, art, design, and mathematics (STEAM) for 21st Century living. HRDEF develops capacity building mapping with life skills development, CSR initiatives, and learning transformation. HRDEF promotes natural, land resource management, sustainable agriculture, bio-diversity enrichment, and disaster management using educational inventiveness for smart cities and villages through imparting training on Climate Action, Sustainability, ESD, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Global Citizenship, Value education, and Cognitive skills.

HRDEF registered with NITI Aayog, Government of India with unique ID - UA/2015/0090391 

Since 2016, HRDEF has been committed to the United Nations (UN) Global Compact corporate responsibility

initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.


Registered, verified with GuideStar India GSN Number - 6573 and Certified with Transparency key 


BRIDGE Number (Unique Global ID) - 30954932



        Hub for economic liveliness, ecological well-being, quality of life through Education, ICT and Sustainability


To develop sustainable processes, practices, culture in partnerships with organizations, government using multi- disciplinary of nature.

Education and ICT as key drivers for linking people from every facets of the society for promoting and implementing sustainability.

Interactive learning, innovative research, and community engagement as tools for all round development


        Integrity, Inclusivity, Innovation, Teamwork, Excellence


Goals and Strategies

Design and development of solutions for sustainable living, smart cities, and green earth

Interactive learning systems, skills development, and solutions for all age groups

Intelligent systems for natural resources management for better decision making

Promotion and awareness of Sustainable Development Initiatives for Water, Soil, Climate, Air, Energy, Waste, and Transport Management


  • To design, develop intelligent interactive learning systems for skills development and processes for all age groups especially children

  • To promote and facilitate public consultation to ensure communities have an input into the future development of their areas having basic services

  • Effective use of information, communication, technologies (ICT) for efficient management and knowledge sharing to identify, promote good environmental practices and workforce training within the community  

  • To strengthen, encourage, and develop sustainable urban and rural communities through sustainable agriculture, and renewable energy projects for better economy 

  • To identify, support sustainable transport initiatives, promoting water and waste management strategies with community partnerships for better quality of life

  • Creating interest in responding to Environment, Social, and Economical issues through community participation and volunteerism for ecological well-being

  • To collaborate with partner agencies and Government Departments for developing sustainable society using educational inventiveness

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