Sustainable Development and Climate Change are most pressing issues in Present Time


United Nations together with 193 Countries launched Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from 2016 to 2030 having 17 Goals and 169 targets (Agenda 2030) towards solving development problems.


But this require consistent efforts, funding, implementation, monitoring of various approaches and engagement of every Citizen to be successful


Thus, we are creating awareness among school, college students, community, professionals through organising various activities in the April month celebrated as Earth month under Sustainable Smart Harita Earth Month, and Harita week spread around the year comprising workshop, training and other events based on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), system, and holistic approach


Nature ReConnect: To create a sustainable living advocacy and promotion through information dissemination, practical knowledge transfer about environment protection with little steps for everyone including students, housewives, elders, professionals of all age groups so that through small conscious efforts we can make huge difference in the society.


Knowledge will be imparted through practicable methods to change consciousness of an individual towards development for all. In turn by employing principles of sustainable development and sustainable consumption we can save our mother earth. This campaign results in the building of “Sustainable Consciousness” among involved people. 

Sustainable Campus:  An initiative for schools, institutions, universities that aims to integrate a sustainability perspective in all aspects of campus life, the learning process, use of energy, transportation, use of water, relationship with community. Sustainable campus award is a certification programme that helps organisation develops “sustainable consciousness” and practices that enable students to become environmentally responsible citizens.


We invite application from institutions for their Sustainability Index in the city, state or national level. Organisations need to manage their waste, energy, soil, land, water, air, transport in eco-friendly way with the involvement of the students in different activities such as working model on renewable energy, save water, rain water harvesting, green sustainable campus, maintaining kitchen, and herbal garden. (upcoming)