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Initiatives, Projects, Courses, and Activities for Education, Advocacy, Research on Sustainability, STEAM, SDGs, 21st Century Skills

HRDEF created three initiatives in alignment with its objectives, goals, strategies and taking small steps towards greener (Haritima), smarter beautiful (Alankrit) planet (Prithvi) -    Protect PRITHVI. HARITIMA IT. ALANKRIT IT


Designing and Promoting Interactive Learning Systems, Skill Development, STEAM, Information Communication Technology (ICT) for 21st Century Learning and Sustainability promotion based on United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Education is central in our work through which we aspire to build SMART Sustainable Living. Our GOAL program provide the foundation (Education), we further bridge gaps through linking our SPACE (Research) and LEAP (Advocacy) program. 

Protect PRITHVI-Smart Cities and Villages with Centre for Sustainability and Entrepreneurship Promotion (SPACE) for:

  • Design, development of educational games, science kits for learning with fun and inspired from research on cognition, artificial intelligence (AI), human computer interaction (HCI), neuroscience, consciousness for skills up-gradation of students, emphasis on lifelong skills as new paradigm of education.  

  • Develop strategies to encourage people to reduce carbon footprints through eco-friendly lifestyle, management of energy, water, soil,  air, waste, and transportation with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), CSR, LCA. 

  • To create a sustainable development framework for Natural Resources Management with active participation of the local community using automation of services through use of ICT

  •           Knowledge Base for Sustainability in Business, Medicinal Plants, Sustainable Lifestyle, Dry Leaf Management and Composting

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