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Sustainable Smart Earth through Harita Week - Month: Creating awareness among school, college students, community, professionals through organising various activities in the April month celebrated as Earth month, and Harita week spread around the year comprising workshop, training and other events based on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), system, and holistic approach

Thirteen Harita (Green) week (2nd June - 10 June, 2022): On the occasion of the national Herbs and Spices Day, members of HaritaDhara reused old plastic bottles for growing of herbal plants such as Lemon Grass, Coriander, Mint, ajwain leaves, and pipli. Besides this, students of our GOAL program came to know about medicinal properties of spices used in our home’s kitchen using medicinal plants game and interaction with Dr. Manisha, Ex. FRI researcher. HRDEF announced results of 52th UN Earth Day events conducted during the 9th Harita month on 8th June to mark the occasion of World Ocean Day in a webinar with international participants on a theme Only One Earth and Sustainable Action. Anant Bhaskar Garg, Regional Mentor of Change, AIM, NITI Aayog, and Director, HRDEF delivered a talk on Sustainable Development, SDGs, Climate Change, and Environmental issues to create awareness and capacity building among students. During Harita month 1270 students from 20 schools from India, abroad participated and showcased their creativity, innovation.

HRDEF implemented Eco-Bricks and recycle of plastic bottles, polythene, chips package to save carbon emission and released apps on Prevent Disasters, Youth4SDGs developed by Prayanshi. HRDEF organized an associated event during the Stockholm plus 50 on 2nd June on theme Only One Earth and celebrated WED on 5th June. Members of HRDEF talked about New Education Policy, Hands-on, Project based learning. Students of our GOAL program showed their creativity and innovation using waste plastics for water filter, sprinkler, and plant pot for restoring different ecosystems using STEAM in Designathon event. NavUrja Sanchar, a VIPNET club of HRDEF selected under Top 100 meritorious clubs of 2021, India by Vigyan Prasar, DST, GoI. These events are successful because of support from Principals, Teachers, Parents, Students, and HRDEF’s members Vijay Kumar, Suman Lata, Sushma, Prayanshi, Apoorve, A.k. Biyani, and special efforts from students.

Twelfth 12th Harita Week (2nd – 8th June, 2021): World Ocean Day was celebrated on 8th, in which students of GOAL program interacted. Further, Dr. Manisha Agarwal, Director, HRDEF involved in VIPNET, Vigyan Prasar event on Science behind Fun on 8th. On the occasion of World Environment Day on 5th June, 2021, HRDEF organized two webinars on the theme Ecosystem Restoration, SDGs, and Sustainability in which 85 students, parents, teachers from different parts of the country and globe also participated.


8th Harita month (19th April - 19th May, 2021): In this Painting, Essay, and Quiz online competitions were conducted on topics Restore our Earth and Sustainable Living. Results of these competitions were declared during 12th Harita week, in which students of GIC Rudraprayag, Parkandi, Auckland House, Loreto convent, Shimla, CMS Gomti Nagar1, 2, Extn., Lucknow, BCM Ludhiana, Sheiling house, Kanpur, GIC, Ukhimath, JNV Almora, Andaman, OOEHS, SEPS Abu Dhabi, DPS Durg, GGHS Ukhimath 16 students emerged winners, 11 consolation prize from around 16 schools 292 students participated.

Eleventh Harita Week (04 June – 11 June, 2020): On the occasion of World Environment Day (WED) organization campaigned for Eco-brick made from waste plastic polyethene, and bottles through constructing structures, boundaries around trees. Further, organization developed Vertical Garden from plastic bottles. HRDEF organized international level competitions for School students, and lectures to promote 50th UN Earth Day theme on 1. Climate Action for Sustainable Future and Living (CA), COVID-19, Health, Well-being, and Life during Lockdown (C19) during 7th Harita Green Month in April-May, 2020. During this Online Painting, Essay, Film, and Quiz competitions were conducted in which students from Dehradun, New Delhi, Roorkee, Noida, Bangalore, Bulandshahr, and Abu Dhabi actively participated. Results of these competitions were declared during 11th harita week.

In painting competition winners were Sujitha Lakshmi (CA), 1st, Abu Dhabi, Shri Haridhra (CA), 2nd Bangalore, Anshveer Singh (CA), 3rd New Delhi in Climate Action category and Tavleen Kaur (C19), Soha Barot (C19), Romana Yousuf (C19) in COVID-19 category. Kartikeya Jain (CA), Mariya Mrazi (CA), Vaishnavi Dimri (C19), Harnoor Kaur (C19) were winners in Essay competition. In Quiz senior category  Gaurav Singh Rawat stood 1st , Advait  Patil 2nd , junior category Aishwarya Karthik, 1st ,Aditi Uniyal, 2nd and finally Md. Shaakir Shalul in Film emerge as winner. Dr. Manisha Agarwal, and Er. Anant Bhaskar Garg, Director, HRDEF congratulated every winner and also conveyed thanks to Principals, Teachers, Parents, and students who participated in these month long competitions during lockdown period i.e. was commendable.

On 21st June, Dehradun and some other parts of Uttarakhand will be witnessing a special event of Annual Solar Eclipse. Thus, HRDEF's NavUrja Sanchar unit registered with VIPNET, Vigyanparsar, selected to participate in this event training and coordination being a Gold Club Awardee from VIPNET. Prayanshi, a young member of HRDEF developed a mobile app for COVID-19 Education and Awareness.

These events are successful because of contributions, untiring support from Principals, Teachers, Parents, students, VIPNET, Vigyanprasar, and special efforts from Vijay, Suman, Krishna, Sushma, Dr. Manisha, Er. Anant, Apoorve, Meenakashi, Prayanshi, Nisha, Danish, Rohit, Kajal, Saloni, and above all students made these events memorable.

Tenth Harita Week (24 Oct. – 01 Nov., 2019): Conducted workshops, TechFest on AI and Sustainability using maker approach during the week. In these events students from under-served background learned about artificial intelligence (AI), computational, design thinking, and how to use Smartphone effectively for better learning, safety through sensors and apps. Er. Anant Bhaskar Garg conducted sessions on AI in our daily life and shared his experience of working with AI and other intelligent information system.  Dr. Manisha conducted sessions with students and their mother for learning some computational skill through playing games. Parents of GOAL program students informed about performance of their ward and very happy the way they are learning. Prayanshi talked about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and students, youth role towards sustainable development. Students gave performances through dance, singing, and storytelling during techfest. Rinki and Durga taught paper crafts making and students of GyanDhara (GOAL) program celebrated eco-friendly green deepawali.  Shri Vijay Kumar (Retd.) Chief Engineer delivered valedictory speech. Events are coordinated by Dr. Manisha and with efforts from Suman, Kajal, Neeraj, Vijay, Manisha, Sita, Deepak, Rohit, Danish, Sweety, and Shivani this week was memorable.

Six Harita Month (06 Aug. – 06 Sep., 2019): Science Communication, Harita Innovations, 21st Century Skills in Schools during Green Earth

HaritaDhara Research Development and Education Foundation (HRDEF) organized its 6th Green month from 6 Aug., 2019 to 6 Sep., 2019. Various events, workshops, training organized during this month with an objective to popularize science, math, environment, and sustainable development among students, youth, and community members. Thus, HRDEF signed a MoU with Dept. of School Education, Govt. of Uttarakhand for conducting Harita Innovations, 21st Century Skills, Disasters Risk Reduction (DRR), Environment Sustainability, climate change, medicinal plants, water, waste, energy management, plastic reduction, 3R programs in selected 30 schools of Dehradun district. HRDEF using hands-on, game, project based activities for implementing this program. Er. Anant Bhaskar Garg and Dr. Manisha Agarwal, Directors, HRDEF visited following schools GIC Patelnagar, Khurbura, Dobhalwala, GGHS, Majra, GJHS Kandoli, Rajpur road, Panditwari during this harita month.


HRDEF’s unit NavUrja Sanchar registered with VIPNET, VigyanPrasar, Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India awarded Gold category in 2019 for its Science Popularization, and Silver category in 2018 during National Felicitation ceremony at Rajkot from 12 – 13 Aug., 2019. Er. Anant Bhaskar Garg, Director, HRDEF selected as Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2019-20 and he participated in the 3rd Global Educator Fest at Udaipur in which prestigious schools Principals, Management actively discussed Education for Sustainability. Principal of The Doon School, Welham Boy’s School, and Chairman, Learning forward, India presented their sessions in this global event. HRDEF jointly organized workshop in Madhya Pradesh’s school on Climate change, Disasters, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from 6 – 8 Aug., 2019. Shri Atresh Sayana ji, Shri Joshi ji, Dr. Archana Gupta, Shri C.B. Negi ji, Shri Uniyal ji, Sarita ji, specially supported and guided towards school program, activities, and further efforts from Vijay, Suman, Krishnan, Prayanshi, Sushma, and efforts from all students made these events memorable.



Fifth Harita Month (02 April – 03 May, 2019): Quiz Competitions, Consultation on Climate Change, SDGs, Green Earth

HaritaDhara Research Development and Education Foundation (HRDEF) finished its 5th Harita (Green) month. Shri Vijay Kumar, Retd. Chief Engineer and Shri Krishna Kumar, Retd. UPCL were Guests on the occasion. This year, HRDEF organized national level competitions for School students, and lectures to promote 49th UN Earth Day theme on Education and Climate Change, Protecting Species. 1340 Students from Dehradun, Mussoorie,  Ratlam, Gurugram, Hazaribag, Bokaro, Roorkee, Ambala, and Devaldhar from 22 schools actively participated in “Importance of Protecting Species in our Life”, and “Role of Education for Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change” through Painting, Essay, Quiz competitions.

A talk on ICT opportunities for Girls and different career opportunities was organized for Mangla Devi I.C. and GOAL students by Er.Anant Bhaskar Garg on 25th April. A session on Unplugged way to teach computational thinking to students was conducted on 23rd April during ATL, NITI Aayog, Community Development event for GOAL students. Dr. Manisha Agarwal and Er. Anant Bhaskar delivered several sessions on climate change, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), biodiversity, waste management, carbon footprints, and plastic reduce in different schools.  Following schools actively provided their support for month long events – The Shriram School, Aravali, Gurugram, Wynberg Allen, Unison, MKP, CNI, DAV, DPS, RPS, GIC, KV, GGUPS, Dehra PIC, GJHS Lacchiwala, kuaawala, Bhaniyawala, Banjarawala. Shikhar Gairola, Manisha Kumari specially contributed towards successful activities, and further efforts from Suman, Prayanshi, Sushma, Nisha, Shivani, Rohit, Kajal, Saloni, and efforts from all students made these events memorable.

Ninth Harita Week (23-29 Nov., 2018): HRDEF celebrated and conducted sessions on SDGs, STEAM, and maker approach.


Eight Harita Week (20 Sep. – 27 Sep., 2018): Workshops on Global Goals Jam 2018, Science, Math through Maker Approach 

HaritaDhara Research Development and Education Foundation (HRDEF) conducted Mini jam, Global Goals Jam, Science and math sessions with maker approach during the week. On 20th students of GOAL program participated in mini jam and discussed about clean green smart city Dehradun. They raised issues of road, waste, pollution and emphasized to plant more trees, waste segregation. From 21-23 Sep., HRDEF conducted Global Goals Jam 2018 which was organized by UNDP, DSS, Netherlands in 70 cities around the world. Er. Anant Bhaskar Garg, Director, HRDEF talked about themes for this year SDG 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, Health and well-being, No Poverty, Affordable and Clean Energy, Gender Equality, and Sustainable cities and Communities. Participants worked on challenges such as Migration problem of Hills, and rural areas and possible solution through sustainable tourism. Another group worked on challenges related to waste for which solutions can be composting, creation of new products. Other group addressed the issue of air pollution for which they suggested green spaces and renewable energy. They build models and presented their ideas in a maker way.


From 24-27 Sep. students of GOAL program actively in science and math sessions. They learned about electricity, periodic table, nucleus structure, light in hands-on approach. Dr. Manisha Agarwal, Director, HRDEF discussed about project based activities for students. Activities linked with curriculum for science, math, geography, and disaster management through multimedia approach that makes concepts easier. Students enjoyed these hands-on, game based sessions and were able to learn complex topics. This program was successful due to efforts from GOAL GyanDhara’s students.

Fourth Harita Month (02 April – 03 May, 2018): No Plastic, Climate Change, and SDGs programs, activities for Green Earth

HRDEF concluded its Harita month on 3rd May in which Retd. Chief Engineer Shri Vijay Kumar was the Chief Guest. HRDEF is celebrating April month as Harita (Green) month for couple of years. This year, HRDEF organized various programs, activities, and lectures to promote UN 48th Earth Day theme on No Plastic, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with objective to create awareness among people on Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change, and Role of Science and Technology for better opportunities. Students actively participated in various competitions and activities.


On 3rd May a discussion on monitoring, transparency, and accountability for sustainable development goals and role of press was organized in which shri Vijay Kumar and Manisha expressed their views. On 29th April, Er. Anant Bhaskar Garg, Director, HRDEF talked about plastic pollution and its effect to students and community members also on 25, 22 April during 4 events. On 26th April, Girls in ICT Counseling event was organized in which Career opportunities for Girls in ICT sector was discussed.   On 22nd April, Dr. Manisha spoke about Earth Day importance during a meeting organized by the Saksham. During Earth day, Creativity and Innovation Day Sketching, Quiz, Essay competitions were conducted on 20th April.


Several Dignitaries visited during this Harita month and discussed issues on Education, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Organic Pesticides, Forest, and IT. Shakuntla, Shekhar, Indra President, Principal from J.S. Public School, Morena, M.P., Meenakshi Agarwal, IPFT, Gurugram, Divya, Accenture, Bangalore, Abhishek, Shobita, Forest Dept., Gujrat visited HRDEF. SDSN Youth features HRDEF efforts on #KnowYourGoals report released in the April, 2018.


These month long events are successful because of efforts from Krishna Kumar, Suman, Sushma, Roohi Singh, Prayanshi, Yug, Kajal, Shivani, and untiring, efforts from students.

Seventh Harita Week (25 Nov. – 01 Dec., 2017): Organized sessions on SDGs, climate change, water resources management, and talks during the week. On 01st Dec. a session on Sustainable Development Goals, effects of Climate Change and solutions was conducted with teachers of Laxhman Vidhyalaya Inter College by Er. Anant Bhaskar Garg, Director, HRDEF. On 30th Nov., a teachers training session on Climate Change and SDGs was organized in which teachers interacted with Dr. Manisha Agarwal, Director, HRDEF and discussed about project based activities to be organized for students jointly with Climate Reality Project, India. Discussion to link training with curriculum science, maths, English, geography, disaster management through different tasks and teaching with hands-on, game, and multimedia approach that make concepts easier and understandable to students.


From 27-29 Nov., students from GOAL program learned about SDGs and water management and played the game “Water Roll” designed by Sustainability Centre, Arizona State University (ASU), USA. On 25th Nov., prizes were given to best entries from C.N.I. School for quiz and sketching competition organized during Earth Month by HRDEF to Shubham, Sagar Nayar, Ravi Kant.  Further, a workshop conducted with students of class VI to XII on SDGs, Climate Change. Students learned about water cycle, air pollution, and food eco system. They played water roll, other games, and understood importance of tree plantation to purify air, to reduce waste and reuse of items (4R). Around 44 teachers and 155 students participated in these events.

Sixth Harita Week (14 – 22 Aug., 2017): Celebrated Independence Day, conducted programs on water resources management in river basin, Principals Conclave, and talks during the week. On 22nd Aug. students from our Brahmawala Khala alternative education project participated in the quiz competition. In this project, we are teaching through hands-on, game, and multimedia approach to make concepts easier from subjects science, maths, English, geography. GyanDhara (GOAL) program students participated in the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) –DHI Eco Challenge 2017 international online serious game competition on water resources management for the river basin. In this challenge, students from 20 countries participated. This game is helpful to learn about water management, conservation, its usages, and SDG Goal 6. On 18th Aug. HRDEF organized Principals Conclave on “Teaching Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change Education” with Climate Reality India and UNESCO, New Delhi.  In the inaugural session, Shri S. B. Joshi, Chief Education Officer, Dehradun talked about in details on importance of quality education towards implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Shri Aditya Pundir Country Manager, Climate Reality delivered a talk on Climate Change.  Er. Rakesh Kamal introduced SDGs, and how they can be part of our teaching in school. Er. Anant Bhaskar Garg, Director, HRDEF delivered a talk on Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development for Schools. He pointed out that preparedness for disasters is very important and ICT is bridge for communication in this regard. Principals from more than 50 schools actively participated in the conclave.


Dr. Manisha Agarwal, Director, HRDEF talked about medicinal plants during the week’s different events. On 15th Aug organization celebrated Independence Day in its campus with student’s performance’s such as songs, dance, and other forms of expressions to express their feelings, talent. They talk about Freedom, Gender Equality, waste management, cleanliness, and Role of Beti in building the society. 

Fifth Harita week (1 - 7 June, 2017): During first week of June celebrated World Environment Day with Nature Connect in which students studies plants, biodiversity, and enjoyed nature walk. To demonstrate real-life scenarios and providing practical exposure, we provided training on Arduino, microcontroller to control signals, communication such as traffic light, sensing, and other projects.

Third Harita Month (02 April – 03 May, 2017): This year, HRDEF organized various competitions for School students, and lectures to promote UN Earth Day theme on Science for Environmental and Climate Literacy. Students from Uttarakhand, U.P., H.P., actively participated in “Importance of Medicinal Plants in our Daily Life”, and “Role of Science and Technology in Environmental and Climate Literacy” through Sketching, Memoir competitions. Around 1400 students participated in 4th Quiz competition on environmental literacy. Besides this, during pledge drive for Green, Clean Dehradun 1250 people undertook the same.


A workshop on ICT opportunities for Girls was organized for underserved section. Er. Anant Bhaskar Garg, Director, HRDEF was invited from India for the Sustainability in Science Centres Fellowship at  ASU, USA. In this fellowship, participants from different countries discussed about sustainability implementation in science centres. They learned and talked about how to motivate, aware students, community members about sustainable development, science and sustainability. Dr. Manisha Agarwal delivered a session on importance of medicinal plants in our daily life to ladies of local community and distributed Tulsi sapling.

Fourth Harita Week (15 – 22 Aug., 2016): On 22nd Aug. students of GyanDhara participated in the debate competition on Clmate Change effect on Biodiversity. Shri Vijay Kumar, President and Smt. Suman Lata, Vice-President of the organization did plantation on 21st Aug. Er. Anant Bhaskar Garg and Dr. Manisha, Director, HRDEF gave talks during two days’ workshop on Disaster Reduction and Management at District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Rookeee (Haridwar), Department of School Education, Government of Uttarakhand from 16-17 Aug., and 19-20 Aug for teachers. They gave emphasis on sustainable development, disaster risk reduction, and management and how they are related. Besides this, they communicated about methods to reduce carbon emission through our various acts. On 18th Aug. members tied Rakhi on trees for conservation and protection of trees. Celebrated Independence Day on 15th Aug in its campus with students with performances such as songs, dance, and other forms of expressions by them to mark the day. They also spoke about “Freedom in their Understanding” on the occasion.


Second Harita Month (02 April – 03 May, 2016): During this several events, activities, and competitions were organized that culminate on 3rd May with a discussion and consultation on “Forest Fire, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Freedom of press. HaritaDhara organized Clean, Alankrit, Green Earth Pledge campaign in different schools in which around 800 people signed the Pledge for keeping clean, green earth. Green Earth month celebration started at Har-ki-Pedi,  Haridwar through distribution of cloth bags for trying to give message for Clean Ganga  and survey study of waste management there.  Er. Anant Bhaskar Garg, Director, HRDEF talked about Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Renewable energy during invited lecture at HopeTown Girls School and motivated students about SDGs. Students of GyanDhara participated in storytelling and painting on “Human and Nature”. GyanTree organized debate on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of Dr. BhimRao Ambedkar and Gramodaya. Dr. Manisha, Director, HRDEF coordinated these events. HRDEF goes Solar through installation of Solar energy for its office in its initiative towards Green energy. On the occasion of 46th United Nations Earth Day various competitions – Quiz, storytelling, painting were organized in schools and polytechnics on topics - water, waste management, effects of climate change on biodiversity, and role of engineering in sustainable development. Around 570 students participated in these activities with excitement. HRDEF organized Trees for the Earth activity in which Mrs. Sadhna Sharma, President, UMA was the chief guest. Er. Anant Bhaskar Garg delivered a theme lecture on ICT and Sustainable Development at The Institution of Engineers (India), Uttarakhand State Centre. 

Third Harita week (14-20 Dec., 2015) on the occasion of National Energy Conservation Week. During this we organized workshop, lecture, plantation, and associated with other institutions. On 20th Dec. we planted guava tree saplings, distributed certificates to the participants on 19th Dec. of the workshop organized on 14th Dec. at Kanya Gurukul Campus, Dehradun. Er. Anant Bhaskar Garg, Director, HRDEF delivered theme lecture on energy conservation and climate change organized by The Institution of Engineers (India), UKSC during Uttarakhand Polytechnic Teachers Meet on 18th Dec., and talk on sustainable development and climate change at Dept. of Geology, D.B.S. (PG), College, Dehradun on 17th Dec., 2015. We organized a workshop on “Role of Cultural and Traditional Knowledge for Sustainable Development” on 14th Dec. 2015 at Kanya Gurukul Campus (KGC), Dehradun (GKV, Haridwar). Dr. Manisha Agarwal, Director, HRDEF started computer training programme to underserved women and children to empower them with technology so that they understand present system and be part of it.

Under this program, we are teaching them at their places, home for effective learning. We celebrated ‘Energy Conservation’ week and emphasized on energy saving practices to participants. Knowledge on Sustainable Development, energy conservation, sustainable lifestyle, Global Goals, renewable energy, climate change, water management, role of cultural and traditional knowledge to sustainability was discussed during the week. During this week celebration, Dr. A. K. Biyani, Er. D. C. Gupta, Er. V. K. Saxena, Neelam Kapil, Dr. Renu Shukla, and Sh. V. K. Garg supported us to make it successful. Besides this, participation of large number of students and interaction with them made this more memorable. 

Celebration of Second Harita Week from 14-21 Aug., 2015 with one day International workshop on Best Practices in Waste Management and Climate Change on 19th Aug. with Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU), Dehradun 

45th Earth Day Events - First Harita Week (17-23 April, 2015) - We organised series of events mainly for students, and a workshop to spread awareness on climate change, smart clean green cities, innovation and sustainability in which around 540 students participated. 

First Harita Month (01 Feb. – 03 Mar., 2015):

HRDFF presented a paper on Hydropower and sustainable development in an International Conference from 5-7 Feb., Members of HaritaDhara Research Development and Education Foundation attended the prestigious training with Former Vice-President Al Gore, Nobel Laureate, Climate Reality Project, Climate Change, Sustainability, Renewable energy at the New Delhi from 22-24 Feb., 2015. In this over 450 experts from 38 countries participated. Anant Bhaskar Garg and Manisha Agarwal Garg attended the training from Dehradun. On 2nd Mar. 's met Hon'ble Mayor Shri Vinod Chamoli Ji, MNA with our Guest and partner Mr. Steve Kostoff, CEO, Green Business & Audit Training, Australia. HRDEF organized an interactive lecture on “Climate Change” at Govt. Polytechnic, Pithuwala with support from Principal. This lecture is meant to spearhead awareness on green cities campaign, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and sustainability. Around 45 students and faculty members attended the event. 

44th Earth Day Event (22 April, 2014) - Conducted quiz competition in Hindi on environment awareness for school students in which around 480 students participated.

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