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Our Experts includes Engineers, Scientists, Educators, Architect, Designers, and Doctors, who have varied experience in school, universities, industries, technology and sustainability.  Our programs have been designed after thoughtful analysis of present scenario globally that needs innovation in Education, and Technology for Sustainability of the Mother Earth. These programs cater to necessities of systems making learning fun, based on real-life concerns through linking industries, academics, and community. We are continuously evolving training's, products centred on interaction with teachers, professionals, students and community members. Our team using system thinking address issues at different levels for capacity building in several domains.

Our team members are recognised in the areas of natural resources management – water, soil, energy, forestry, ICT, education, emission and noise analysis, developmental planning, implementation at national and international platforms. We endeavour to develop intelligent, smart solutions that inculcate a sense of well-being at individual, ecological, and societal levels for the HaritaDhara (Smart Green Sustainable Earth).

Passionate about Learning, ICT, and Sustainability
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