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1 Act of Faith, Love, and Care Can Bring Change

The Festival of Rakshabandhan brings together brother and sister across the globe to share their feelings, faith towards sister by brother. This symbolizes love, care for sister and an act of rakshana (protection) for sister. This is celebrated through tying ‘Rakhi’ by sister to her brother. To mark respect and love brother promise to protect his sister from any unholy incident. In our life, trees are very important for our environment and ecosystem thus their plantation is utmost necessary. Towards this cause we already distributed Meetha Neem plant sapling in our tree plantation program.

As protection is needed by us so same is true for trees, thus to reciprocate our feelings, love, care we started ‘Vriksh Rakshana’ campaign. We equally need protection of planted tree to see them into full grown tree. Thus HRDEF started tree protection program on this momentous occasion of brother sister faith, bandhan of love, and protection of sister by brother on 29th August, 2015. Love and care given by us in protecting, saving our trees will result in beautiful earth. This campaign started by 8 years old girl Km. Prayanshi by tying knot of Holy Rakhi to tree.

Some lines penned down by Praynashi:

The earth is beautiful.

The earth is green.

The earth is only the planet which has both water and air.

The earth is looks like a blue ball.



Atleast one tree should be protected by each person. This is a step toward Parayavaran Rakshana Vasundhara Alankrit (Clean, Green, Smart Region).

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