Apr 7, 2018

Need for New Ways of Teaching


Edited: Apr 23, 2018

With modern outlook of society and new jobs requirements focusing on technology are we need new tools and methods of teaching. Discuss and share you ideas for developing youth to be future ready,

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  • Celebrated World Environment Day on 5-6 June 2018 through a workshop on making paper bag from old newspaper and rainwater conservation. During hands-on session students learned about making paper bags from newspaper to reduce use of plastic bags. All students were very happy after they made paper bags and pledge to minimize use of polythene bags. This way, they understand and enjoyed paper making for the betterment of environment by heart. They performed practical session on rainwater harvesting and understood water conversation methods, importance of water, Clean Water (SDG 6), and completed their academic activities. They also learned about effects of plastic on biodiversity thus Life below Water (SDG 14), Life on Land (SDG 15), and Climate Action (SDG 13). इस वर्ष बीट प्लास्टिक प्रदूषण के WED विषय और हमारे पर्यावरण पर इसके प्रभावों के बारे में बाताया। सत्र के दौरान छात्रों ने प्लास्टिक बैग के उपयोग को कम करने के लिए समाचार पत्र से पेपर बैग बनाने के बारे में सीखा। पेपर बैग बनाने के बाद सभी छात्र बहुत खुश थे और पॉलिथिन बैग के उपयोग को कम करने के प्रति वचन लिया।
  • What are best way of learning, How to increase engagement of children, Incorporating real-life situations for effective learning. How to develop patience, creativity, Can Maker approach infuse and develop them,
  • Share your expertise for building sustainable future,