Learning Workspace and Science Centre

GyanTree Centre houses books, magazines, and reference material from following areas: Children’s Stories, Children’s Activities, Knowledge & Skills, Water Resources Management, Environment, Forestry, Climate Change, Biodiversity, Finance, Business, Industry, Health, Competitive English, Career Development, Science, Mathematics, Science Communication, Education, Technology Paradigms, Management, Self Help, Rural Development, Renewable Energy, Waste & Urban Planning, Philosophy, Spirituality, Human Computer Interaction, Data Structures C, C++, Artificial Intelligence, Systems, Soft Computing. There are around 4000 books, magazines, reports and digital resources with internet facility.

This is home to Reading, Learning, computing facilities for TED-Ed Club, NBT's Readers Club for 21st Century Skills Development such as critical thinking, problem, project based learning based on current neuroscience and learning paradigm - growth mindset. 


NavUrja Sanchar an open space cum lab. that’s facilitates hands-on learning, live demonstration sessions, space for self-expression, communicating new ideas, and interactive knowledge sharing with fellow learners to develop scholarly and balanced capacities 

Member for Viygan Prasar Science Clubs for hands-on practical, activity and game oriented learning